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Feist, Raymond - Serpentwar 01 - Shadow of a Dark Queen. Read more · Raymond E. Feist - SerpentWar 02 - Shadow of a Dark Queen · Read more. An epic reading experience.”—San Diego Union-Tribune Acclaimed, New. Start by marking “Shadow of a Dark Queen (The Serpentwar Saga, #1)” as Want to Read: Acclaimed, New York Times bestselling fantasist Raymond E. Feist gets his masterful Serpentwar Saga off to a spectacular start with Shadow of a Dark Queen. The Serpentwar Saga is a series of.

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Shadow Of A Dark Queen Pdf

Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A dark and alien peril casts an lengthening Shadow of a Dark Queen (Serpentwar Saga Book 1) - Kindle edition by Raymond E. Feist. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. A dread darkness is descending upon a great land called Midkemia—a powerful and malevolent race of monsters that has slipped through a hole in the. kwJWOjkf - Download and read Raymond E. Feist's book Shadow of a Dark Queen in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free Shadow of a Dark Queen.

Plot summary[ edit ] Erik von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery Roo , have returned to Krondor after serving in Calis special unit that was sent down to the continent of Novindus. Erik plans on staying in the army as a corporal in the coming war, and Roo states that he plans on becoming a rich trader. After being pardoned of their crimes by Borric, King of the Kingdom of the Isles, Erik and Roo begin a journey to visit their family in the town of Ravensburg. In an inn along the way, they meet one of Roo's cousins, Duncan, who decides to travel with Roo on the promise of becoming rich. Once in Ravensburg, Erik visits his mother, who faints on the sight of him, as they were told that Erik and Roo were hanged. After a quick explanation, Erik learns from his childhood friend, Rosalyn, that Stefan von Darkmoor, who raped her, is the father of her young child. Roo meets up with his father while downloading a wagon, and it is quickly apparent that Roo's father cannot bully him around anymore, and rents out his services as a teamster to Roo. The plot centers primarily on the rise of Roo as an important merchant in Krondor.

Magician Riftwar: Faerie Tale Raymond E.

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At the end of four five hundred page books! Normally I wouldn't mention this sort of thing, but in this case the sheer number of errors proved distracting.

Overall, The Serpentwar Saga is a fun read, but I did have a number of problems with it, first and foremost being the fact that much of the world was already established in previous series.

Shadow of a dark queen : Feist, Raymond E : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Had the world been explored further in this series, it would have been fine. Otherwise, we get a lot of name-dropping of places and events, and only sometimes with a perfunctory description for context. This was particularly irritating given the fact that other things were repeated again and again, things like how Calis is a half-elf and how Miranda says things drily.

There are also so many levelled-up badasses in this world — literal living legends — that even without knowing about Feist's body of work you just know that there were books about these people before this series.

As a newcomer to the Riftwar Cycle, it felt as if I had come late to some party where everyone had already made friends and developed their own in-jokes.

As such, I didn't find their company nearly as riveting as they did and I found my eyes glazing over in some parts of the book.

Shadow of a Dark Queen

To his credit, Feist always manages to slip in a quick bit of summary or context at the start of each book in case you'd forgotten things between books or before some extended discussion of a past event. This allows new readers to follow what's happening, even if you're not having as much fun as everyone else is. To take the party latecomer analogy further, it's like you're at a party where among the guests is a kind soul who tries to include you by explaining all the jokes.

So yeah. I gather that each series in the Riftwar Cycle deals with successive generations of characters.

Shadow of a Dark Queen

For those who have read about Pug, Tomas, Jimmy the Hand and so on, their presence in this series may well be delightful. However, the events of The Serpentwar Saga spell the end of some of them, making you wonder whether the characters introduced in this series will meet their end in another I'm guessing yes.

The fact that a character's life is told through different series annoys me as a reader, since I don't fancy having to read through all of Feist's works to get my closure. I'm sure this is a personal preference thing though, since others may think this fact is awesome.

You can totally tell that The Serpentwar Saga is written by a dude. The vast majority of characters are men and the books are big on fighting and killing and military strategy. The way the characters are all powered up in different classes like magician, thief, soldier, etc also reads like a roster of teenage male fantasies not that there's anything wrong with that.

When female characters are described, there's usually some mention of their level of attractiveness.

Though I guess it's appropriate for the setting, visiting prostitutes is also seen as an ordinary pastime for unmarried men. Also, two of the female characters experience rape, though the incidents are not described in detail and the effect on the victims seems to be glossed over.

While this is a minor part of the books, I thought it worth a mention as I know that some of you would rather not encounter such material at all. On the way, the boys narrowly escape detection when they happen upon the tent of a strange woman named Gert who aids them.

They wake the next morning to find Gert gone and a mysterious woman named Miranda in her place, who helps and heals Erik. Further on their journey, they come to the aid of a man who is being ambushed by some brigands. The man, a merchant named Helmut Grindle, guides them the rest of the way to Krondor. On their journey, Roo befriends the man, questioning him on all matters commerce with the goal of starting a business of his own. When they arrive in Krondor there is a long line on the road into the city, due to the search for the two murderers as well as the rush to reach the city to attend the funeral of Prince Arutha.

They hide in a nearby farm and then in a tavern where they are first kidnapped by local slavers, then caught by constables , and sentenced to hang.

Their hanging is faked, though, along with several other condemned men, and the group is taken to a man named Robert de Loungville, where they are informed that their sentence has not been commuted, only delayed, and that they can only hope to gain freedom in exchange for service to the crown on an extremely dangerous mission.

They are taken to a training camp where they are quickly trained as soldiers. There, they meet their mysterious captain for the first time, the half-elven Calis, as well as encountering Miranda again.